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Here in ActivePuzzle we love to learn by playing (honestly, who doesn't?), and this is why we invented the ActivePuzzle game, active puzzle pieces which form robots. We are scientists and engineers who happened to be educators. For a long time we were seeking a language to express exciting ideas. We believe we found it.

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So What is ActivePuzzle?

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

ActivePuzzle is a smart puzzle game for building cute robots. With ActivePuzzle you can build puzzle robots in three dimensions and combine sensors and actuators to program robotic functions.

No coding is required and no computer is needed to program the robot. You simply snap puzzle pieces together to form your new robot. Every arrangement of puzzle pieces forms a new robot with its own behaviors, thus making new inventions fast and easy.

ActivePuzzle kits contain electronic puzzle pieces, where each piece implements a certain function. For example, the Battery piece supplies electric power to the circuit, the Proximity sensor piece “sees” objects, the Motor piece contains a motor and it can drive a wheel or another piece.

ActivePuzzle robots are based on the Sense-Act principle: a sensor input piece connected to an output piece will activate it according to the input value. For example, a Light sensor connected to a Motor will activate it and cause it run faster when there's more light.