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LED Lamp
A light / lamp
A DC motor with a shaft, rotates according to the input value
Makes sounds with volume dependent on the input value
Measures the voltage of the input value and displays it using 4 LEDs
Infrared Transmitter
Sends an infrared beam according to the input value
Light Sensor
Reads the light intensity
Temperature Sensor
Reads the temperature
Proximity Sensor
Reads the proximity of an object
Reads the resistance value of the potentiometer, according to the knob current rotation
Infrared Receiver
Receives infrared beam transmitted by the IR Transmitter
Logic Not
Outputs the input value reversed
Logic And
Outputs the logic AND of the two inputs
Logic Or
Outputs the logic OR of the two inputs
Insulates the output from the input
Generates an output wave according to the input value
Provides power to all the connected parts of a robot
The Arduino part is used to interface with Arduino microcontrollers
Shortcuts the input to the output
Converts the input analog value into a digital value (0/1) according to the lever value.
Brick Adapter
Used to connect Lego bricks to ActivePuzzle models.
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Here in ActivePuzzle we love to learn by playing (honestly, who doesn't?), and this is why we invented the ActivePuzzle game. We are scientists and engineers who happened to be educators. For a long time we were seeking a language to express exciting ideas. We believe we found it.

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Provides power to all the connected parts of a robot