Mouse and cheese

A robot “mouse” uses a proximity sensor and motor-wheel modules to chase after the “cheese.”

Maze Runner

Using the proximity sensor, the robot can detect the maze’s walls, keeping it in motion until it finds the exit.

Mom Alert

The Mom Alert uses the proximity sensor to sense mom walking through the door, activating a buzzer.

Fire Alarm

When the temperature goes above a value set by the analog-to-digital (A2D) the buzzer is activated

Smart Street Light

A smart-tech street light that uses a light sensor to turn the LED light on only when it’s dark.

Wake Up Alarm

The Wake-Up Alarm uses the light sensor aimed at the window to tell when the sun’s coming up, activating a buzzer.

Smart Fan

The Smart Fan uses the proximity sensor in conjunction with the motor and propeller attachments to activate a fan when you get close.


Much like its twin the Maze Runner, the CaveBot navigates itself to the exit of a cave, only this time, it uses a light sensor to guide its way. 

A Police Car

A police car uses the Wave to make the LED blink and the Buzzer sound oscillate.


Here in ActivePuzzle we love to learn by playing (honestly, who doesn't?), and this is why we invented the ActivePuzzle game. We are scientists and engineers who happened to be educators. For a long time we were seeking a language to express exciting ideas. We believe we found it.

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